Long Term Care Homes Are Our Forte

We are the leaders of safe, easy, and efficient care home medication administration for the following reasons:

   - No charge compliance packaging.

   - Electronic medication administration records (Catalyst oneMAR eMAR - the Cadillac of eMARs).

   - Electronic optical checking of each individual dose dispensed to ensure correct medication in correct dosage time for correct patient.

   - Bar code scanning to ensure correct dose being administered to correct patient at correct time.  Also allows for extremely efficient medication administration.

   - Free delivery .

   - Coordination with other health care fields.

   - Free in home fitting for compression stockings, braces, or other mobility aids.

   - Pharmacist reviews of patient medications.

We service any size of facility.  Large or small, we can tailor a complete health care plan to suit your facility.  Contact us for a free presentation.