Our medication packaging and administration system provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates confusion and errors - barcode recognition verifies each individual dose, ensuring patients receive their own exact medications as prescribed. Our system prompts care staff for medication administration times and alerts if a dose is missed. Care staff verification of all new orders effectively communicates any medication changes.

  • Ensures care staff accountability - easy access to records showing all administrations, vitals, progress notes, and pertinent resident health information.

Other benefits include:

  • Free in-home fitting for compression stockings, braces, or other mobility aids. We also carry a large selection of home health products available for purchase, such as: walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, grab bars, and much more!
  • Certified Diabetic Educator - trained pharmacist for specialized knowledge regarding diabetic issues. We offer insulin injection training for our care homes as well.
  • Certified Geriatric Pharmacist - trained pharmacist for specialized knowledge regarding geriatric issues.
  • Co-ordination with other health care fields.
  • In-home consults, medication reviews, and flu shot clinics!

Long Term Care Home and Personal Care Home Services

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​We are the leaders of safe, accurate, easy, and efficient care home medication administration for the following reasons:

  • No charge compliance packaging.
  • Electronic Medication Administration Records. (eMAR)
  • Electronic optical checking of each individual dose dispensed to ensure proper medication packaging.
  • Barcode scanning ensures that the correct dose is being given to the right patient at the proper time and allows for extremely efficient administration.
  • Regular pharmacist reviews of patient medication profiles.
  • Free regular delivery by WillowGrove Pharmacy staff - not a courier!
  • 24/7 emergency on-call pharmacist assistance.​

WillowGrove Pharmacy will coordinate everything for you! We will:

  • Transfer all relevant orders from other pharmacies, and ensure all prescriptions are up to date.
  • Communicate with all other health care professionals involved in the care of each resident.

We service any size of facility. Large or small, we can tailor a complete health care package to suit your needs.

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