Spencer is an automated medication dispenser that you keep right in your home.  

Spencer is filled with a pre-filled cartridge that contains all of your medications in special bar-coded cellophane packets for the month.  Simply insert the cartridge into Spencer and then let Spencer tell you when to take the next dose of medication.  Spencer will beep and tell you to take your medication when it is time to do so.  All you have to do is tap the screen to dispense the dose, open the cellophane packet that contains all the appropriate medication for that time frame, and consume your medication.  If a dose is missed, a notification can automatically be sent to a loved one's cell phone to notify them that a dose was missed.

WillowGrove Pharmacy will monitor compliance as well.  If there are issues, the Pharmacy will contact you to discuss what issues are arising that are preventing you from taking your prescription medications properly.

Would you rather spend weeks in the hospital because you were not taking your medication correctly?  Or would you be better off with Spencer helping you to keep your health conditions appropriately controlled?  

Get your medications automatically delivered directly to your home before you run out, drop the cartridge in your Spencer, and alleviate the stresses and concerns about taking your medication correctly for you and your loved ones.

Stay in your own home longer!

Do you or a loved one have difficulty remembering to take your medication at the correct time?

Is it difficult to keep your medications organized?

Do you want to make sure a loved one is taking their medication correctly?

Do you have difficulty obtaining your medication before it runs out from the pharmacy?

If you stated "Yes" to any of the above, please consider Spencer!

​​Spencer Automated Home Medication Dispenser

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